Meditation for the "Love for Life" infusion - Increased prayer

Posture: Sit in a comfortable meditative position, such as cross-legged, with a straight spine. Keep your eyes nearly closed, about 1/10 open.

Mudra: Bring your palms together, with your right thumb crossed over the left. Keep both palms together throughout the meditation. Extend your arms overhead and keep them straight, with the full length in contact with your ears.

During this meditation, chant a mantra of your choice. A mantra is a word or phrase from Sanskrit, meaning "say" or "song."

Breathing: Focus on your breath as you chant the mantra. Breathe consciously, slowly and deeply. When the meditation is complete, take a deep breath in, hold it briefly, and then exhale.

Time: Set aside 11 minutes to relax your breath, voice, and body.

After the meditation, enjoy a cup of "Love for Life" tea and savor this moment of joy in living.
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