Mindful Breathing Meditation for "Lifespring" Herb & Spice infusion

Posture: Sit in a comfortable meditative position (e.g., cross-legged) with a straight spine.

Mudra (position of hands): Bend your elbows so that your right-hand rests on your heart and the left on your navel.

Breathing: Now take a deep breath in through your nose and calmly exhale through your nose again. Feel the flow of your breath and begin to meditate following this flow.

A full, long, and deep breath involve three different areas of our body: It first spreads to the lower lung area. The incoming air pushes the abdominal organs down through the diaphragm towards the pelvis and the abdomen slowly expands. The second zone concerns the chest, the ribs expand outwards and the shoulder blades spread apart. Eventually, in the last zone, the upper lungs fill and the collarbones lift.

Duration: Take a minimum of 3 minutes to pay attention to your breathing.
Then, enjoy our "Lifespring" herb and spice infusion and wake up your body!

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