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Hari Tea

Buddha Box - Gift Box of 11 Organic Herbal and Spice Infusions loose tea - Hari Tea

Buddha Box - Gift Box of 11 Organic Herbal and Spice Infusions loose tea - Hari Tea

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Discover the full collection of 11 sophisticated Hari Tea blends in pure cotton tea bagsThis is the perfect collection to explore and experience.

11 Tea Bags – 22 g / 5-6 minutes – 100°C


11 Flavors of Herbal and Spice Teas

Mindscape: Ginger* (39%), lemon grass* (15%), turmeric root* (6%), cardamom*, peppermint*, sage*, black pepper*, lemon myrtle*, lemon peel*, lemon juice*, rose petals*. * = ORGANIC

Sweetheart: Chamomile* (36%), lemon balm* (19%), apple*, linden flowers*, ginger*, sage*, lemon myrtle*, black pepper*, turmeric root*, rose petals*. * = ORGANIC

Inner Connection: Rooibos* (52%), thyme* (11%), lemon grass*, honeybush*, cardamom*, peppermint*, cinnamon*, turmeric root*, black pepper*, lemon myrtle*, lemon juice*, orange peel*, rose petals*. * = ORGANIC

New Sensation: Hibiscus* (21%), fennel*, rose hips*, spearmint* (7%), peppermint* (7%), cinnamon*, green rooibush*, apple*, roasted chicory root*, blackberry leaves*, black pepper*, ginseng*, coconut*, turmeric root*, rose petals*. * = ORGANIC

Within & Without: Jasmine green tea* (42%), ginger* (21%), lemon grass*, turmeric root*, peppermint*, black pepper*, lemon peel*, rose petals*. * = ORGANIC

Mystery of Desire: Cocoa shells* (54%), anise*, cinnamon*, natural vanilla flavour, ginger*, hibiscus*, chilli pepper*, turmeric root*, black pepper*, lavender flowers*, coconut*, cornflower petals*, blackberry leaves*, rose petals*. * = ORGANIC

Forget Me Not: Sencha green tea * (64%), linden flowers* (8%), lemon grass*, elderflower* (3%), basil*, rose petals*, turmeric root*, black pepper*. * = ORGANIC

Lightness: Cinnamon* (15%), honeybush* (15%), rosemary* (15%), fennel*, coriander*, ginger*, anise*, cardamom*, black pepper*, blackberry leaves*, star anise*, lemon grass*, jasmine green tea* (2%), turmeric root*, rose petals*, cloves*, bay leaf*. * = ORGANIC

Face The Moment: Rose hips*, apple*, fennel*, hibiscus* (19%), rose petals* (5%), juniper berry*, natural rose flavour, beetroot*, sweet blackberry leaves*, black pepper*, white pepper*, bay leaf*, lavender flowers*, turmeric root*, ginger*. * = ORGANIC

In Harmony: Black tea* (30%), honeybush*, cinnamon*, ginger*, cardamom*, black pepper*, orange peel*, cloves*, turmeric root*, rose petals*. * = ORGANIC

Inner Flow: Sencha green tea * (44%), peppermint* (42%), spearmint*, blackberry leaves*, orange extract*, turmeric root*, black pepper*, rose petals*, chilli pepper*. * = ORGANIC

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