Comforting drinks from Shoti Maa

In the morning, start the day off on the right foot with a hot drink, such as water, lemon and ginger, or a Shoti Maa infusion, to find balance in your day, especially with the “Balance your Day” range. Inspired by Ayurvedic principles and yogic traditions, these infusions are composed of a mixture of quality plants and spices, 100% organic, certified organic and from the most preserved areas of the world.A committed company, Shoti Maa produces with passion each of its recipes, which is the result of an Ayurvedic approach and a meditative intention and is viable on specific energy centers, on the properties of the five elements and on the daily natural rhythms.

Shoti Maa infusions can be taken at any time of the day!

Rise: The time has come to leave your dreams behind: the morning exhales its freshness and the work awaits you. Our energizing lemon, apple and ginger infusion, helps you start the day and uplifts your soul anytime.

Love for Life: Mid-morning arrives and you already feel the need to recharge your batteries. Take a break and savor this elaborate, full-bodied blend and immerse yourself in a moment full of joy (cocoa, cardamom and orange).

Lifespring: The meal has weighed down your momentum, fatigue is noticeable, sweet echinacea, fruity and fresh rose hips and the spicy heat of ginger caress your soul and your body for a sparkling start to the afternoon! Your energy flows again and awakens your desire to end it happily.

Unwind: You have just left work, you are already thinking of resting, then immerse yourself in the silence of the evening twilight and align yourself with yourself. Treat yourself to this very fine vanilla chai before preparing the meal.

Dreamland: The moment of comfort has arrived, you can finally breathe! Morphée calls you for a moment of cozy and warm comfort. With Lemon Balm, Valerian & Passionflower needless to say, you will immerse yourself in the relaxing silence of the night with ease.

Author: Marie-Laure Tombini
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