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Our organic infusions are inspired by the daily needs of living. We adopt a holistic approach to promoting health and well-being. Our blends of traditional and unique herbs and spices provide a meditative experience and most importantly, our Shoti Maa teas are deliciously satisfying.

Everyone loves a great cup of tea!


Our teas are crafted with care, inspired by the ancient understanding that the Chakras are spiritual energy centers that allow the flow of life force. Each of our blends is designed to soothe your senses and enhance the natural energy of the corresponding Chakra. Along with our teas, we also believe in the importance of meditation as a means to keep these energy centers in balance and harmony.

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Ayurveda recognizes that the elements of Water, Fire, Air, Earth, and Ether are the building blocks of life. Our teas are crafted to bring balance to your spiritual self by striking the right harmony between these elements. These teas may be the perfect addition to your daily routine to maintain this balance.

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Balance your Day!

Our "Balance your Day" collection of organic teas offers you delicious blends to accompany you throughout the day. From the refreshing drink to wake you up to the drink to help you fall asleep peacefully, we have the perfect tea for every moment of your day. All our teas are grown in an ecological way and carefully selected to give you the best tasting experience possible for a full day of harmony. Because every moment is unique - and so are you!

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Peace on Earth

Find inner peace with our premium collection of organic Ayurvedic teas. Specially curated and ethically sourced, our teas offer the perfect blend of taste and wellness. With each purchase, you also support a charitable cause, making a positive impact in more ways than one. Try our collection today and elevate your daily routine to new heights.

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