Hari Tea

Bring the temple home

Drawing from a rich tradition of herbal healing, we present to you four distinct categories of tea that are tailored to help you attain balance and harmony in your daily life. Each tea serves as a complementary companion to nourish your soul. Packaging, refined blends, and evocative names create an immersive experience, as if you were opening the gates to a sacred temple. Our premium cotton tea bags are carefully crafted to retain the full fragrance of our exotic blends for a sensory journey with every cup. Unleash your senses and indulge in the tantalizing flavors of Hari Tea.


Our teas are specially crafted to elevate your creativity and sharpen your focus during times when you need it most. Designed with periods of conscious reflection in mind, they offer the ideal companion to help you reach your full potential. So take a moment to indulge in our carefully curated blends, and experience the benefits of heightened creativity and focus.

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Our spiritual tea blends are rooted in the belief that a deeper understanding of oneself is fundamental to spiritual life. At the core of our blends is the ability to foster a connection with oneself, leading to a profound sense of awareness and inner peace.

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Discover the power of your creativity and find inspiration in the world around you. Embrace every opportunity to learn from your surroundings and unlock your full potential as a creator.

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Transform your daily routine into a nourishing ritual with our perfectly balanced loose-leaf tea blends. Crafted to nourish both your mind and body, our carefully curated recipes help you find the ideal balance for every day. Let us guide you on a journey of wellness and self-discovery through the power of tea.

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