The Fascinating Evolution of Kenya's Tea Industry

🌍☕ Did you know? Kenya, famed for its coffee, is also a global tea powerhouse! 🍵 In 1903, tea seeds made their way from England to Kenya, originating from Assam, India. 🌱 Commercial cultivation began in 1924, overseen by colonialists. It wasn't until 1956 that African growers got the green light to plant tea themselves! 🚦 Since then, Kenya's tea industry has skyrocketed, propelling it to the forefront of global tea production.

🌋🌧️ Blessed with rich volcanic red soil, an ideal tropical climate, well-distributed rainfall, and long sunny days, Kenya's tea-growing regions are a haven for tea plants. 🍃 But did you know that amidst the rolling hills, Kenya is the exclusive home to purple tea? 💜🍵 This organically-grown marvel not only boasts a unique hue but also contains natural anthocyanin, akin to blueberries and cherries. 🍒🍵 Packed with antioxidants, purple tea is crafted using a process similar to Green tea, offering more antioxidants, less caffeine, and an award-winning taste! 🏆👌
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