"Love for Life" Iced Mocha Delight

Experience the love for life with our refreshing "Love for Life" Iced Mocha Delight. This delightful drink combines the invigorating flavors of our special "Love for Life" tea with the richness of milk and a touch of cacao. Indulge in this creamy and satisfying iced mocha delight that will brighten your day and lift your spirits.


  • 1 tea bag of "Love for Life" tea
  • 250 ml water
  • 50 ml of your choice of milk
  • Ice cubes
  • Whipped cream with a dash of cacao (for a creamy indulgence)

For Vegan Cream Option:

  • 50g cashews
  • 3-4 pitted dates
  • 100 ml boiling water
  • Optional: 3/4 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Brew the "Love for Life" tea: Place the "Love for Life" tea bag in a heat-resistant glass or cup. Pour 250 ml of boiling water (100°C) over the tea bag and let it steep for 6 minutes. For a stronger taste, leave the tea bag in the water while it cools. Then, refrigerate the tea until chilled.

  2. Prepare the choice of milk: Once the tea has cooled, add 50 ml of your preferred milk to the chilled tea.

  3. Add whipped cream and cacao (optional): For a creamy indulgence, top your iced mocha delight with whipped cream and a dash of cacao.

For Vegan Cream Option:

  1. Rinse the cashews with boiling water.

  2. Soak the dates and cashews: Place the dates and cashews in a bowl or cup and cover them with 100 ml of boiling water. Let them sit for 15 minutes.

  3. Blend the cashew cream: After 15 minutes, add the optional vanilla extract, then blend the mixture for at least 2 minutes until smooth and creamy. If needed, add up to 2 tsp of water for a thicker texture.

  4. Mix the cashew cream: Add one tablespoon of cashew cream to the iced tea and mix it in. Add more if you prefer a sweeter taste. The remaining cream can be used on sweet breads, fruits, and more.


The cashew cream is heavy and may not stay on top of the drink. It's a versatile addition that can elevate the flavor of various treats. Enjoy and have fun with this delightful iced mocha delight!

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