Open Lotus meditation to heal the energy center with Shoti Maa

You are going through many feelings as your heart center grows stronger. It helps to heal your old wounds and hardened parts. Trust yourself and step into the presence of an open heart. We are more focused on ourselves when we have the strength to stay open and connected to all people, everyone around us and everyone in the universe. This allows us to recognize our uniqueness. Be real and present while singing and feeling yourself aware.

Directions: For this exercise, try yourself in a cross-legged meditation position. Raise your arms up to a 60 degree angle, keeping your elbows straight and your shoulders down. Roll your fingers together on your palms, with the thumbs stretched back and pointing at each other. Close your eyes and focus your attention on your "third eye".

In this position, cast the breath of fire for 1-3 minutes.
Breath of Fire: After a deep inhale through the nose, the air is exhaled through the nose. Briefly draw in your stomach as you exhale. If you have never practiced the breath of fire, avoid by 10 breaths. If you're already trained, try 20 or more breaths. You may feel a little dizzy at first: pause and breathe at your normal pace, then try the exercise again.

After 3 minutes: Take a deep breath and bring your arms above your head until your thumbs touch. Open your fingers, exhale and relax your arms. There are variations of this practice in many different kriyas.

Fire Breathing is not suitable for high blood pressure, pregnancy or abdominal pain. In these cases, please consult your doctor before doing this exercise.
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