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Shoti Maa

Magic Box - Gift Box of Organic Herbal and Spice Infusions - Shoti Maa

Magic Box - Gift Box of Organic Herbal and Spice Infusions - Shoti Maa

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Discover two collections of Shoti Maa teas -to find a unique balance and combination of 5 Elements and 7 Chakras. 

According to ancient wisdom, we have energy centers in the body called chakras – and have 5 elements, life’s symbolic building blocks. Each of these varieties of tea is formulated to comfort our senses and balance our energy centers. Enjoy twelve delicious cups of tea – sample the graceful life with Shoti Maa.


12 Flavors of Herbal and Spice Teas

Ginger*, cinnamon*, liquorice root*, hibiscus*, lemon grass*, fennel*, green tea*, peppermint*, sage*, anise*, apple*, honeybush*, cardamom*, spearmint*, black pepper*, orange peel*, cocoa shells*, lemon juice*, cloves*, blackberry leaves*, lavender flowers*, coriander*, basil*, elderflower*, turmeric root*, rose hips*, BARLEY malt*, lemon peel*, lemon extract, cinnamon extract, nettle*, hops*, bergamot orange extract, lemon verbena*, rose petals*, linden flowers*, chilli pepper*, orange extract, fenugreek*, yarrow herb*, raspberry leaves*. * = ORGANIC


12 Tea Bags – 23.8 g / 5-6 minutes – 100°C

Customer Reviews

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Thank you from UK

Found this tea in a random shop and I really fell inlove with the flavour, the idea and the design. And I decided to check it out online because I can't find more of it in the shops.

Excellent assortment

I got this box from a friend of mine some time ago and ever since I've been buying it by myself. I find it convenient to have a set of teas rather than one flavor

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